Hey guys it’s me.

This is my very first post. Why am I doing this, you might ask. I don’t know why I’m doing it. Sometimes when you need to express your thoughts but there is no one to listen it feels bad. That is why I’m doing this. Forgive me if there are any errors. DM me on Instagram @adithya_bloodstone.

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Every guy has that one friend who is like a brother for him. He is more than a friend. His problems are your problem. You will do anything for him. I was blessed with many bros in my life. They meant a lot to me. I felt they would be around forever. It was like the best thing I could ask for. But the problem is it will hurt even more if they start to ignore you or when they don’t want to talk to you anymore because they have met new friends. That’s why I always made sure I never ever hurt a person who thought of me as more than a friend. I did not have a lot of friends at an young age. I know what it feels like to be snubbed and replaced. I learnt that they will miss you once they realize they can’t replace you. If they do, then you were not meant to be his bro.

Bloodstone out.

Why I hate my new school

My new school is velammal. It is the last place I thought I would join. It was my first day there. That place looks like a mental asylum. I have told that I don’t like my old school that much but it is a heaven compared to this one. I have no friends here. Its classes are longer than DAV. It is more boring than DAV. It is not DAV. First day of my school felt like  it lasted forever.

My life never fails to disappoint me. Whenever I think that it has reached it’s lowest it stoops even lower. I am proud that at least my life tries so hard to do so.

Why the beef ban makes no sense.

I don’t usually post political stuff. The only reason I am writing this is because this is one of the craziest and the most stupid things our government has done. Their arguments are not only weak, but also insulting

 The most major argument made in favour of the ban is that cows are like our mothers. Here is a counter argument that a friend of mine made.

This is not about politics , this is about the violation of one of our fundamental Rights by the very people who we voted into power. How many people have died due to this issue. What is the reason behind this action? is this really all that important?

I am sure all may not agree with me but this is just my opinion

Bloodstone out.

there is hope, always.

Sometimes some incidents reveal the true face of people. I lost my best friends because of my so called harmless prank. Earlier on I used to get upset over such things. Nowadays I don’t care for these things. People do not change, they just show their true face.

I don’t care for these people. I don’t care for what they say. If you get hurt too often it stops to hurt anymore. All I want to ask him​ is, what did you achieve?. I thought you were my friend dude. I believed you were like my brother. In the end what you did was immature and stupid. I always supported you, stood by you and you stab me in the back.

thank you.

bloodstone out.

My apologies to all.

I have been an idiot my whole life. I know I am a idiot. I am kinda proud of the fact I am a idiot. What I am not proud of is the fact that I might have been a jerk to so many people. I lost many people who could have been my best friends but what I did was piss them off because of trivial matters. I have regrets in life, but none can be as big as the regret of losing true friends for something that was just an illusion.

What I did was stupid, bad and idiotic in a way I am not proud of. I did not even apologize to these people and don’t think I can now. But if they are reading this then they should know that I am so sorry dude.

Bloodstone out.

Feeling strange.

God this is a strange feeling.I hate my school from the bottom of my heart. I hate the paint, the smell, the entire school feels like it’s straight out of a horror movie. But now that I am finally leaving school it feels weird that I miss that place.

The whole school sucked. Nobody liked it. I never liked it. Then why am I missing it???

I had lots of friends there. I remember how I once created a “wanted: dead or alive” poster for a teacher and it spread like a wildfire. I remember all the great pranks and problems I started there. And now that I am going to a stricter and harsher school my pranking days are over. What can I say, despite all the hate I had for the place,my friends made it awesome for me. Feels sad that I am going to leave it behind.

bloodstone out .


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